Roen Associates has been in business for over 30 years and has over 120 years' combined experience saving your project/city/boss/client money. We love what we do and know how to get the job done right and under budget.

Because we take a conservative approach to cost estimating, owners and architects are often left with uncommitted funds at the end of a project. Our staff is deep in construction management expertise and we provide a cushion in the budget to absorb unforeseen events which can delay the project and undermine design and program. Our involvement is welcomed by the client's decision-makers who must pay the bills.

At some time or another every project undergoes value engineering, either formally or informally. Roen Associates' understanding of first and life-cycle costs at this stage is vital to maintaining the integrity of design and program. By supporting the design team and the owner at this time, we can help ensure quality design which meets the owner's needs and the architect's intent.

Our staff can act as the owner's agent in administering the project documents and working with the general contractor. With minimal input and fee, our efforts do not duplicate the work of either the architect or the contractor. Our role is to protect the owner's interests by verifying work is done on time and according to the documents. Our problem solving efforts are guided by consensus building among all players on the team.


An effective constructability review is dependent on an understanding of both design documents and field construction matters. Roen Associates' expertise spans those disciplines and is exhibited in every constructability review we do. Our reviews save the owner money and construction schedule by eliminating field problems before they get to the field. We make certain the documents are clear and unambiguous. We provide a quick and well documented product which designers find very useful.